Dual Enrollment

"Two birds, one stone." Dual enrollment (a.k.a. concurrent enrollment) is becoming a popular alternative for high schoolers. Find out how students can complete high school credits while earning college credits simultaneously—saving time, energy, and money.

Course Selection

Work smarter, not harder. Identifying the right classes to take can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Our academic counselors will help students select the courses they need to streamline their educational journey and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Extracurricular Strategy

Find purpose through internships, volunteerism, or sports. We help you locate activities that spark your interests and demonstrate your versatility as a student.

College Applications

Lean in. Let us help you clarify the college application process. Besides constructing a pre-professional profile and assisting you with your college essays, we inform your decision by breaking down a complicated process and describing how to achieve your goals.


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